tire rack

Tire Rack

By clicking on this link before you purchase from TireRack.com, 6% of your purchase price will go back to the club! This is an excellent way to help fund the club’s events without actually spending any extra money. 

AutoWerks of America

Autowerks of America

Quickly becoming the source for German auto parts, Autowerks of America is an excellent company to work with. On top of that, the owner is actually a member of the club!

jml audio

JML Audio

For years, JML Audio has been nationally recognized for the high quality of their work. They do everything from a simple head unit install to a full audio prep, custom fabricated, multi-amp, audio system. Most importantly, they install full radar detecting, laser jamming systems.

Reid Vann Luxury Import Service

Reid Vann Luxury Import Specialists

Reid Vann is committed to providing unmatched service for your luxury import car. From regular maintenance to performance add-ons, and state to pre-race inspections; Reid Vann is the place to trust with your unique vehicle.

Clear Auto Bra

Clear Auto Bra

Clear Auto Bra is a clear paint protection kit made from 3M™ Scotchgard High Performance film
installed by an experienced 3M™ certified technician. To learn more about protecting your vehicle
while preserving its looks call us at 314-518-6111.

ET Tuning and Auto Sales

ET Tuning and Auto Sales

Our Professional facility exists to service the motor enthusiast on several levels. With our certified and experienced technicians we have the ability to get the most out of daily drivers and far beyond. Through our very own in-house race team, we test the high performance engineered parts and tuning we recommend to our valued clients. Our new Auto Sales department can provide you with that “special car”.

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